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Honor our Roots

We started with a simple dream. We have carried it in our hearts ever since.

The dream was to keep alive our traditions. We wanted Qatari hunters to be able to enjoy traditional food & authentic ‘Karak’ based on the recipes of our Qatari mothers and grandmothers. To give them the strength they need to continue preserving our values and culture.

What is “Mghanis”?

We were inspired to open our first shop under the name “Mghanis”, which is an Arabic term literally translating to: “Pioneers of the wilderness”, which refers to the hunters in the desert. This stands for the ancient art of falconry, which we still proudly practice today. Our first shop was launched in 2012 in the Shamal village, far north of the State of Qatar. It is a traditional village, popular for many local falconers.


What inspired us?

In 2007, a website dedicated to the art of falconry and hunting gained a lot of popularity. The huge turnout on the website was mainly due to a specific group of people who were passionate about hunting (the ‘Almghanis’). After a long and tiring hunting day, the Almghanis used to come together in the middle of the desert. While they gathered around the fire, they made a special kind of tea (now commonly called the ‘Karak’) that helped them unwind and regain strengths. This is the story that inspired us to create the Karak Mghanis brand – the chain of famous roadside cafe that serves authentic Karak and traditional Qatari food for the travelers.

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